We Exchange, We Grow丨长沙玮希国际学校·青园小学联谊活动

We Exchange, We Grow

Friendship activity between Changsha WES Academy and Qingyuan Primary School




On the morning of June 2, Mr. Andrew Britnell, Principal of Changsha WES Academy, along with his colleagues, and eight students in Grade 4/5, visited Qingyuan Primary School for an inter-school friendship activity.

6月2日上午,长沙玮希国际学校校长Mr.Andrew Britnell一行及四五年级8名学生去到长沙市青园小学,开展校际联谊活动。

Ms. WANG Yamin, Principal of Qingyuan Primary School, together with other school leaders and students, gave a warm welcome and expressed their sincere greetings. The teacher of creative arts and crafts class and the Young Sunflower Chorus showed their featured courses and had a pleasant exchange with CWA visitors.


 Accompanied by the Principal, Ms. Wang Yamin, CWA visitors walked through Qingyuan Primary School. Principal Wang introduced the school’s development history, space arrangement and curriculum implementation. At the same time, the two principals held a dialogue on the educational philosophy, curriculum development, student fostering mode and cultural inheritance of both schools, aiming at promoting the exchange and reflection of Chinese and foreign educational culture. It was agreed that further communication would be useful in order to facilitate the common progress of both schools.


Students of Qingyuan Primary School introduced their courses one-to-one to CWA students in fluent English. They watched the Chorus’ performance and experienced the orff musical instruments together. At Dream Space, the teacher of creative arts and crafts gave a special class to CWA visitors – rubber stamp making of “petal rain”.

Visiting DreamFly Library



Experiencing featured courses of Qingyuan Primary School




Through teachers and students of two schools having class together, CWA members found out the characteristics of Qingyuan school’s curriculum and had a deeper understanding of Chinese school education, as well as the profound Chinese culture. Thanks to all the students acting as messengers of communion, Chinese and foreign culture combined, sparking brilliant and wise thoughts.


In this friendship activity, CWA students realized the precious qualities of Qingyuan students: sincerity, amicability, respect, etc. This event also established the friendly relations between Changsha WES Academy and Qingyuan Primary School, and facilitated the exchange on curriculum development and cultural inheritance, thus giving some new impetus for the future communication of these two schools.


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