Ms.Hu – A Real Model of IB Lifelong Learner丨玮希终身学习者典范


school bus assistant & child-care teacher

a real model of IB lifelong learner!





Hello everyone, I am Ms.Hu, 53 years old, from Songzi, Hubei. I was a real farmer. It’s nice and lucky for me to have the chance to study and work with you in Changsha WES Academy.

I graduated from Songzi No.3 Middle School in 1981. I didn’t enter into university because I didn’t take studying seriously when I was young. I had no choice but to go home and be a farmer.

When I came to Changsha WES Academy, I would meet foreign children and foreign teachers every day, but sadly I couldn’t communicate with them. Later, I found a teacher on the Internet called “Kingsoft Powerword”. Now, after finishing my own work and by taking advantage of fragments of time, I keep practicing my English, even if for only a few minutes: writing letters and words, marking the phonetic symbols, then reading silently and writing again. As the saying goes, everything comes to he who waits. With my persistent efforts day after day and year after year, finally, I can communicate with foreigners in our daily life or through WeChat.

For example, I’m the school bus assistant of Line 1 and in case bus time and station changes, I can inform the parents and students without difficulty. It’s also easy for me to communicate the school bus regulations in English. What’s more, I take care of the children in the canteen during lunch time. The foreign kids cannot speak Chinese and they always express their needs in English: “Ms. Hu, I want pineapple, cucumber, carrots, onions, potatoes, long beans, lettuce, corn and apple juice…” Some other students may look at me in surprise: “Ms. Hu, where did you learn English? Who taught you all this? ” I smiled, thinking that I have a teacher (app) who is unable to speak.


Dear students, 2017 is my fifth year since coming to CWA. Despite my salary which is not that remarkable, I do think that this is the best place that I ever stayed in my whole working life, a place where I can meet a lot of literate and high-quality people. After leaving school for almost 30 years, CWA makes me feel like returning to childhood. I’m happy to hear the children read and laugh every day, which enables me to leave all troubles behind me.

Dear children, mobile phone shouldn’t be considered as your friend, and video games as the rice. Make good use of your precious time! I am now regretting having missed the best time of learning. We should study hard and make progress every day.

Thank you!




比如,作为校车的跟车老师,如果校车时间、地点需要更改,我能熟练地用英文通知家长和学生;我也可以熟练地传达校车行为规范。另外,每天中午在餐厅给小朋友服务时,很多外国小朋友不会说中文,他们直呼“Ms. Hu, I want pineapple, cucumber, carrots, onions, potatoes, long beans, lettuce, corn and apple juice”来表达他们的需求。有些同学用诧异的眼光看着我:“胡阿姨,你在哪里学的英文?谁教你的?”我微微一笑——我有一位不会说话的老师。



We should study hard and make progress every day. Thank you!


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