A Visit to Wugang丨长沙玮希国际学校校长走进武冈杨柳村

5月21-22日,长沙玮希国际学校校长安德鲁Andrew Britnell、行政校长龚志国、法国法中商贸会会长王光祥、 华艺文化传播有限公司总经理杨星明等一行在省外侨办侨政处副处长聂军的陪同下来到武冈进行考察交流。

On May 21st and 22nd, Mr. Andrew Britnell, Principal of Changsha WES Academy, Mr. Joseph Gong, Administrative Principal of Changsha WES Academy, Mr. Guangxiang WANG, Head of Sino-French Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Xingming YANG, General Manager of Huayi Culture Communication co.,Ltd visited Wugang for an inspection and exchange. They were accompanied by Mr. Jun NIE, Deputy Director of Division of Policy&Regulations of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.


邵阳市旅游外事港澳侨务局副局长王慧敏、武冈市委常委、统战部长李永宏、武冈市人民政府副市长毛政豪与安德鲁Andrew Britnell校长一行进行了亲切交谈,简单介绍了武冈的基本情况,并就武冈的新农村社会经济建设和教育进行了交流。

Ms. Huimin WANG, Deputy Director of Shaoyang Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Foreign, Hongkong, Macao and Overseas Chinese Affairs, Mr. Yonghong LI, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Head of the United Front Work Department in Wugang, together with Mr. Zhenghao MAO, Vice-mayor of Wugang Municipal Government, had a cordial talk with Mr. Andrew Britnell. They discussed the general situation of Wugang and shared their views on Wugang’s new rural economic development and education.

22日上午,安德鲁Andrew Britnell校长一行在侨联主席、外侨办主任李辉的陪同下来到稠树塘中心小学和武冈九中,深入课堂与师生们进行面对面交流和英语教学互动,学生们用所学英语积极提问,安德鲁Andrew  Britnell校长热情回答,并鼓励同学们努力学习,有机会到国外深造。同时,安德鲁Andrew Britnell校长向稠树塘中心学校和武冈九中发出热诚的邀请,希望稠树塘中心学校和武冈九中的老师有机会去国外学习交流,更深层次的了解国外的中学教育,加强在国际教育领域的合作。

In the morning of May 22nd, Mr. Andrew Britnell and others visited the Central Primary School in Choushutang and the Ninth Middle School in Wugang with Mr.Hui LI, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation and Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. Mr. Andrew Britnell had a face-to-face conversation and interaction with students and teachers in the class. Local students addressed some questions to Mr. Andrew Britnell in English, and Mr. Andrew Britnell answered enthusiastically, encouraging them to study hard so as to have the chance to later study abroad. Meanwhile, Mr. Andrew Britnell recommended local teachers and students to go abroad to learn and communicate. This would foster a deeper understanding of foreign secondary school education and promote better cooperation in the international educational field.


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