Student-Led Conferences丨这样的家长会,您经历过吗?

May 13, a special Saturday for CWA community. Our students shared their learning with their parents in the Student-Led Conferences.


WHAT are Student Led Conferences?

Student-Led Conferences are an integral part of the IB curriculum. In the Student-Led Conferences, the child is not only present, but is in charge of explaining his or her progress, reflecting on accomplishments, and setting learning goals. Student-Led Conferences provide a student centred assessment model that engages parents in a genuine learning partnership with the school.


WHY Student-Led Conferences?


Increasing students’ self confidence and self awareness as learners




The Student-Led Conference model facilitates meaningful partnerships 

between school and home with students as the catalyst


On this day, students had the opportunity to show what they have been working on throughout the entire year at CWA, while the teachers stepped to the side and allowed the students and parents to share a close educational experience together. Students communicated with their parents about their courses at school: Language (both English and Chinese), Mathematics, Units of Inquiry, Music, Arts, PSPE, Science, etc.



There were different tables set up in and around the classrooms which helped the parents to experience what it’s like to engage in the IB learning process.




The Student-Led Conferences at CWA gave the students the chance to take full ownership of their work while making their parents proud of all that they have done throughout the year.



Student-Led Conference is that time of year where we celebrate the budding leader in every child by giving them the opportunity to share and demonstrate what they have learned so far in the year. The teacher have to keep silent and allow the child to speak only. We encourage every parent to inquire and learn from the child.




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