Flashmob show on Youth Day 五四青年节快闪活动


In the spirit of celebrating the Youth Day and commemorating the ninety-eighth anniversary of the May 4th Movement, and in order to enrich the extracurricular activities which demonstrate the spirit of our students, Changsha WES Academy carried out a flashmob show. Youth of China as the theme, it was held in Bofu Shopping Mall from 12:30 to 13:00 on May 4th 2017.


In this event, the students recited some Chinese classic poems such as Li Weng Dui Yun and Youth of China. They also presented a musical performance. Students and teachers have been fully prepared to present this fantastic performance to the public.





As the only international school in Hunan authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Changsha WES Academy shares the IB philosophy through its teaching. Unlike many international courses, IB focuses not only on the progress of children’s knowledge, but also on their mission as human beings – students should hold the idea of being responsible for self-cultivation, family harmony, country management and world peace. In addition, IB is very concerned about the traditional inheritance and development. That’s why we encourage children to learn their mother tongue and to love and share their national culture. Clearly, the flashmob show Youth of China coincides with much of the IB concept.


The flashmob show lasted only a few minutes, but the May 4th Spirit stays forever. Some audience even participated in reciting Youth of China with the students. We strongly believe that this show must be the brightest scenery of that day; this memory will make everyone involved feel excited and proud. We invited the major media to record this meaningful moment and we hope to spread it in the city and even in Hunan province so as to shape the positive attitude of the public. In the meantime, we broadcasted the show so that more people could find our students’ style and feel the energy of our young people!




As Mr. LIANG Qichao eulogized in his Youth of China :

Young China is always youthful

 like the ageless universe;

 Chinese youth holds such an ambition

as the boundless country!

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