An International Choice丨不远万里也要选择的一所国际学校

Our decision to bring Teshura to China to attend an international school was met with surprise by our friends. Would she cope? What about the standard? Was this the best thing for her? What about the differences in teaching styles?

No it would not be easy, we knew that, but we also knew that it would develop her in ways that could not happen back home. Teshura attended a reputable and sought–after public school in South Africa. She had friends and a settled routine. Coming to Changsha meant that all the familiar routines would change.

Small wonder, then that she pined for her brother and friends back home when she first arrived. Nevertheless CWA was a welcoming institute. The staff was wonderful in befriending her, inviting her out and making her feel she belonged, even before school officially began.

When school did eventually start, Teshura met those challenges facing all new students at a new school. She knew no one. The classes, being international, had various different languages even though all teaching was done in English. She was also only one of three girls in a class of eight. The class size and dynamics were very difficult for her. She really missed home even more now. Fortunately she really liked going to school, as the teaching staff were very supportive, even if she did not belong in their class. She quickly grew fond of staff members, and they of her, especially the Chinese support team. Although she still struggled in class, she made many friends among the other CWA learners. She became a part of the CWA family. She had learned a valuable life lesson, to be to others what you would have them be to you.

Teshura found the whole teaching system different but interesting. She embraced the IB teaching as it was so closely modeled on our family values.  With her usual commitment she began to develop her new IT skills, discovering how to use the various McIntosh programs and inquiry cycles to present her work. She also began learning to play the violin. She is a real Risk-taker and I am really proud of how she has blossomed in China. It will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience for her, one that will help her to buildstrength of character and mold her into an Internationally minded Lifelong Learner.






Writer 作者: Ms.Michelle NAIDOO

CWA Kindergarten

IB PYP Hoomroom Teacher

From South Africa

About 20 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten and Elementary education (South Africa, Japan, China…)

Experienced in teaching English, Maths, UOI, General Science…



IB PYP 班主任





Teshura NAIDOO

CWA Student/CWA学生



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