Launch of Changsha WES Academy High School Programme

March 29th 2017, a BIG DAY for Changsha WES Academy : Changsha WES International High School Program is officially launched. Congratulations !



7 years ago we started with a vision – a vision to set up a school that would help our students to become internationally minded, lifelong learners. Now, 7 years on, we have been supported by an enthusiastic, curious, open-minded public who is ready to share in our new development. On the road to providing the best international education in Changsha, competitive with the rest of the world, we will offer a challenging curriculum with the goal of preparing our students to thrive in university and beyond.



The main leaders of Changsha County Government, Changsha Economic and Technical Development Zone (CETZ) and Changsha Municipal Education Bureau, as well as the representatives from different enterprises in CETZ, attended the launch ceremony. Mr. Limin CHANG, member of Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of Administrative Committee of CETZ, awarded the CWIH plaque to our principal Mr. Andrew Britnell. Mr. Chaoqun ZENG, Secretary of Party Working Committee of CETZ and Secretary of Changsha County Committee gave a speech for the launch of the CWIH program.


Our special guest Mrs. Lan SHI, Chief Admission Officer of MIT, shared her experience in selecting students for elite American universities –  to make the children healthy, kind and wise. Mrs. Lan SHI’s speech has struck a responsive chord in many parents. As the Chief Admission Officer of MIT, Mrs. Lan SHI hopes to build the connection between advanced international education in Hunan, and even in central China, with quality higher education in the USA, through CWA.



Mr. Jinbo XIE, our strategic partner of CWIH program, shared his idea about how Zoomin would cooperate with CWIH in the future in helping students apply for top overseas universities. As a DIY mentor with 16 years of experience in overseas study application, Mr. XIE has trained more than 16,000 students in 16 years, providing them with creative, passionate and efficient guidance.

玮希国际高中项目的战略合作伙伴,ZoomIn 总裁谢劲波先生也上台分享了他的团队在未来帮助玮希学子申请顶级海外大学的方法和经验。作为一名拥有16年留学申请规划经验的DIY导师,谢劲波先生16年来培训超过16000位学员,为他们提供了创新、激情、有效的升学指导。


Following the award ceremony, Principal Andy introduced the CWIH program to the audience. With most of our lessons taught by highly qualified foreign expert teachers, we are in the privileged position of being the only true international school able to offer a full programme of IGCSE courses, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (opening in 2019) and A Levels. Our small classes create a stimulating teaching environment where students are stretched and encouraged to develop confidence as independent, internationally minded, critical thinkers. This means we can deliver lessons and career guidance with unrivalled expertise in Hunan.



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