Congratulations: Changsha WES Academy received CIS accreditation

It was a great honor for Changsha WES Academy to welcome the Council of International Schools (CIS) visiting team on 21st May 2016. During the week, the CIS visitors walked around the whole school to ‘monitor’ everything. They went into our students’ classrooms, talked with our teachers, had detailed discussions with our Principal about various focus points, and observed our fire and lock-down drills.

2016年5月21日,长沙玮希国际学校迎来了CIS (Council of International  Schools )考察团。在为期一周的考察时间里,考察团成员每天在学校转悠,”监视”着学校的一切。考察团成员和老师们谈话,走进孩子们的课堂,还把校长作为“重点谈话对象”。考察团成员还观摩了我们的火警演习及外来入侵等演习。

As a result of the evaluation by the CIS Visiting team, Changsha WES Academy received CIS accreditation on 13th July 2016. We appreciate the support of all our students, teachers and parents. This accreditation status will benefit all CWA students!



The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to high quality international education.

As a global non-profit membership organization, CIS provides services to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals that share these ideals:

·       a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens;

·        a commitment to high quality international education.

To achieve this goal,  the CIS members must infuse their programmes and offerings with international and intercultural perspective so that students can move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. Primary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process to enhance student learning, such as CIS accreditation.

The CIS community includes 711 schools and 512 colleges and universities representing 112 countries. Only 23 other international schools have been successfully accredited in China!


CIS 即 Council of International Schools,国际学校联盟是一个旨在提供高质量国际教育的组织。作为一个全球非营利组织,CIS为中小学、高等教育机构以及个人提供以下帮助:为学生提供知识、技能、和能力,以此来追求他们做为世界公民的生活;承诺高质量的国际教育。为了达到这些目标,CIS的成员学校,必须将国际化和跨文化视角注入到本校的课程项目中,这样,可以促使学生在学习态度和理解能力上的不断进步,无论他将在哪里学习和工作,这些努力和进步都将给他提供一个坚实的基础。中小学必须致力于保证教学质量以提高学生的学习水平。目前,CIS组织在全球有112个国家超过711所学校和512所学院及大学成员,而在中国仅有23所国际学校成功认证CIS!


Schools around the world join CIS for guidance, support and access to like-minded peers as they develop challenging international programmers for their students. As a global organization, CIS helps schools to access new international educational practices, gain recognition for accomplishments, attract qualified staff, facilitate student connections with leading universities around the world, and provide a quality international education experience to students and parents.



CIS Member Schools must meet the following conditions:


Commitment to providing international education in the true sense;

Strict, prudent financial management;

Qualified and competent teachers;

Strong leadership;

The most important thing is continuous guidance and further development of teaching skills to help achieve the school’s educational mission.









The status of CIS Accreditation confers an international recognition to stakeholders all over the world. The status of international accreditation demonstrates a school’s commitment to high quality international education to the school community as well as to the outside world: prospective families, educational leaders and teachers, as well as schools, universities, embassies, other government departments, and global companies and organisations. It ensures a school is continually improving and keeping up with the best international education standards, therefore universities around the world welcome graduates of CIS-accredited schools.

CIS 认证:



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