Cambridge International School Certificate

Changsha WES Academy has registered as a Cambridge International School. From now on, CWA is an authorized CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) examination centre. It means that we are qualified to conduct A-level and IGCSE exams at our own campus.

As we all know, in May 2012, CWA was granted membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS), which is a global non-profit membership organisation that is committed to high quality international education. Member schools must infuse their programmes and offerings with international and intercultural perspectives, and further commit to undertaking an on-going external quality assurance process to enhance student learning. CWA is currently going through this comprehensive accreditation process; we are in the final phase now. It’s a great honour to welcome the CIS Visiting Team from 22nd to 27th May 2016. We are looking forward to continuing our journey to excellence in international education.


恭喜长沙玮希国际学校正式成为剑桥国际学校!从此,我校是官方授权的剑桥国际考试中心。这就意味着,我校有资质在本校开展剑桥IGCSE和剑桥A-level 考试。剑桥大学国际考试委员会特此为我校颁布了“剑桥国际学校”证书。

我们都知道,在2012年5月,长沙玮希国际学校已授权成为国际学校联盟CIS的成员之一。CIS是一个致力于高等国际教育的全球性非营利机构。成员学校必须把国际化和多文化化的理念注入项目和课程当中去,并必须承诺采取可持续的外部质量保障措施来提高学生的学习质量。CWA 现正处于完整的官方认证过程中,我们已到最后一个环节,在2016年5月22至27日期间,CWA将很荣幸迎来CIS考察团的来访。让我们一起期待走向卓越国际教育的旅途吧!


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