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    Introducing a Learning Management System

    Introducing a Learning Management System, The Changsha WES Academy is now enabled with Microsoft Education and Classter, a Learning Management System.

    Discover our School 探寻长沙玮希国际学校

    Changsha WES Academy (CWA) is the first and only international school in Hunan Province that uses English as the primary language of instruction. Currently, we offer an international curriculum for children from ages 3 to 19. We have been approved as an International School by the PRC Ministry of Education and we are an accredited member of the Council of International Schools(CIS). In May 2014, the International Baccalaureate Organization authorized us as a Primary Years Programme, International Baccalaureate(IB) World School. All IB World Schools share a common philosophy of a commitment to high quality, challenging, and international education which we believe is important for our students.

    Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its academic programmes.

    For example, the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Diploma Programme. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit http://www.ibo.org.





    • 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Changsha WES Academy, 8 Dongyi Road, Xingsha, Changsha, China-410100
    Book Fair

    Changsha WES Academy, once again brings you the joy of reading…..
    Beijing Star Kids ( the largest book store in Beijing )  is coming to Changsha, and this time again its the Changsha WES Academy.

    • 3:50 pm to 5:00 pm
    • Changsha WES Academy
    Guqin Gathering

    Guqin Gathering
    Our students from Pre-A and G5 (Bilingual) will put on a fascinating “Gathering for Guqin” show at 15:50–17:00 this Friday in black box theater

    • 5:30 PM
    • Changsha WES Academy Auditorium
    Winter Concert 2017
    Every year we welcome the winter with a grand musical at the school, this year the event is scheduled on the 13th December, where a full musical ensemble, perform in front of the parents, teachers and our revered guests. Last year the theme was "Robinhood" this year .. it's ... "THE GRINCH, Who Stole The Christmas" He's [...]
    • 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm
    • Theatre, Changsha WES Academy
    Graduation Ceremony丨毕业典礼

    WES Academy senior class is delighted to invite you to attend our 2018 Graduation Ceremony. Let us celebrate this proud moment together.

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    Our International-minded Statement 我们国际化视野声明

    By being open-minded, the CWA community aspires to bring the world together as one through love, fairness and respect for different cultures.

    Our Vision


    CWA students will become internationally minded, life-long learners

    Our Logo

    Our logo represents a precious pearl in caring hands: We love and care for our students
    The logo also uses the letters W, E & S along with the dotted ‘i’ for international 

    Our Mission 我们的使命

    We will achieve our Vision by:
    Using an integrated, inquiry-based approach to learning providing opportunities for students to grow beyond their own culture by studying in English, learning about Chinese and other cultures, and promoting mother-tongue languages.

    We shall also achieve it by :

    • Nurturing reflective individuals who are responsible, curious and respectful.
    • Develop individual strengths and interests.
    • Instilling a spirit of innovation, experimentation and collaboration.
    • Challenging students to be compassionate, with the courage to act upon their beliefs.
    • Encouraging a balanced approach to life.

    Admissions Process 入学流程

    We are currently accepting applications for kindergarten to grade 11 for
    the 2018—19 academic year.